Agents of the Matrix

"The Matrix" and "The Matrix Reloaded" feature each a set of three Agents, which always seem to work as a team. There are probably more Agents, but we never see them. (Although I haven't played all the games and have yet to see Animatrix, so there might be more.)

Agents appearing in "The Matrix"

Agent Smith

He is the main protagnist who is a motivated beyond the call of duty to stop the unplugged humans from invading and disrupting the matrix. He hates the simulated reality and hopes that destroying Zion will enable him to leave it. Unlike his fellow agents and interestingly enough most of the humans he hunts, he is very emotional. Showing frequent displays of anger, frustration and a wicked sense of humour.
Unfortunately, Agent Smith is destroyed at the end of the movie, and parts of his program structure formed a virus that almost destroyed the entire matrix.

The character was played by Hugo Weaving.

Agent Jones

Agents Jones role in the movie is unfortunately that big, most of the time he is seen together with Agent Smith and Agent Brown. Unlike Smith he is doing his job without any signs of emotional attachment.
His biggest solo moment is on the rooftop when he jumps into the helicopter pilot and is under fire by Neo, doding the bullets while appearing to be at several places at once, before returning fire on Neo and having his host body killed by a direct head shot from Trinity.

The character was played by Robert Taylor.

Agent Brown

Very much like Agents Jones, Agent Brown ist mostly seen together with the other two Agents. He also is very focused on his actual task and is if at all, slightly more aware than Jones about Agent Smith irregular behaviour.
His solo action comes right at the beginning, when he comes up with the second wave of policemen that try to arrest Trinity. He then continues to chase her over the roof tops, following her by also making that gigantic leap to the other building.

The character was played by Paul Goddard.

Agents appearing in "The Matrix Reloaded"

Agent Johnson

He seems to be lead agent of the new team, that is if there is such a thing. Maybe it is just coincidence that he is the first to enter in the opening scene and seems to operate more independently than the other two. Examples would him be waiting on the bridge over the freeway and iniciating the truck crash.
There is also a small resemblance to Agent Smith, as Johnson also shows emotions: the sinister smile before the trucks crash or the hint of annoyance when Morpheus cuts his tie. His role is however much smaller, he only appears at the opening fight, when Neo notices that the new agent team has been upgraded and during the chase on the freeway.

The character was played by Daniel Bernhardt.

Agent Thompson

Agent Thompson has about as much to do as Johnson, also he gets special effort points for being the Agent to actually shoot Trinity.
Otherwise he was also busy during the big chase scene, driving the car so Agent Johnson could get closer to the one with Morpheus, Trinity and the keymaker, as well as ramming and shooting at them. He also drove the second truck. Strangely enough prior to all those scenes, he was assimiliated by Agent Smith (for more info look here).

The character was played by Matt McColm.

Agent Jackson

Probably the most underused agent, unlike the other five agents he has not one scene solely dedicated to him doing something cool. After the opening scene when all three Agents show up and attack Neo to no avail, he is only seen briefly during the big chase next to Agent Thompson. If there was a special solo moment, than it was probably chasing Trinity out of the window after Thompson mopped the floor with her. But after those few seconds he is never seen again.

The character was played by David Kilde.

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