A few random thoughts

Deus ex machina in "The Matrix"

I know that is kind of the idea of Neo ending up with these superpowers, but I can't help and feeling that the ending was just way over the top. Getting up and stopping those bullets in mid-air was extremly cool, everything that happened afterwards not so much. (With maybe the exception of Jones and Brown's faces after he disintergrated Smith.)

The goof in "The Matrix Reloaded"

The first time around watching it I did not pay that much attention to it (especially because I had troubles staying awake), but after having the movie on DVD. I was asking myself, "hmm isn't the agent who shoots Trinity, the same one, who was assimiliated by Agent Smith during the big brawl scene with him, his clones and Neo?"

Of course he was! Yes, one might say, that being an Agent, he can leap out of his host body. Still, that explanation is just too simple, especially considering the level of threat Virus Smith posed and we did not see him leap out of the body. Last, but not least, it certainy would make the entire situation scarier, if Smith can also take over the Agent programme itself. Not to mention that it would sort of mean that he can't do it the Agents as long as they can leap elsewhere and makes you wonder, what they did once they ran out of not assimliated hosts to jump into.

I don't know if it was more of an oversight or if the brothers just thought, people would not care for an explanation. I personally think it was really lazy writing, especially since it would have much more sense to let Agent Jackson get assimiliated by Smith instead of Agent Thompson. He does all that fancy stuff during the chase scene, at the end when he shoots Trinity and what does Agent Jackson get do do? We see him sitting in the car during the chase and he gets to fire a few shots at Trinity, causing her to jump out of the window. They could have let Johnson do the shooting and let the co-driver seat be empty. Would have been so much neater ...

The Agents and Recoil

On the imdb.com it often says in the goof section of both movies that there is no recoil when the Agents or the rebels fire their guns. I find that a bit nit-picky, especially since it is said that the rebels can bend the rules and that the Agent operate on an entirely different level. As so often mentioned the Matrix is just a simulation of reality, so why should there be one?
A recoil, even if just for a few seconds, gets in the way of having a clear shot, so why not program into the system that Agents can avoid having one?

Quality over Quantity

The last two movies are all about quantity and while I am sure the majority is completely happy with the overdose of Smith seen in both movies, I am not. I might be glad that finally I could get a Smith poster, but it is just not the same character anymore. Agent Smith as a single entity was just awesome and I loved each and everyone of his line.
Then in the second and third movie, we have Virus Smith. As ironic and purposeful him turning into what he despised the most is, it also changed his personality and I can't find anything cool about it. Everything Virus Smith utters is just the same boring drivel that goes on throughout the entire movie. It did not even help that Hugo has such a sexy voice.

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